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February 2, 2018

6 Questions To Ask Your Future Web Developer

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Why does your company need a Web Developer?

Owning a business is busy work. From networking to consulting to everyday operations, business owners naturally have their hands in just about every aspect of their company. Yet, we often come across small business owners who don’t have a website. For some reason, building a website isn’t even at the top of their list!

This lack of urgency in establishing an online presence puzzles us, given today’s consumer shopping habits. Online purchasing has soared in recent years; business owners should recognize this and prioritize building a website. Although the idea of building a website may be daunting, as with any project, preparation is key. The team at LaunchWeb have compiled a list of questions geared toward helping the busy business owner get the information they need before commencing with development. Check out our list below:

1. What do I need to provide to the web developer?

First things first you need to understand, acknowledge and approve all terms and conditions (yes, you have to read them all!)

Pay your deposit before the commencement of work (it’s usually 50% of the total)

Supply your CI (e.g. your logo files, fonts, images and website content)

Provide all the information pertaining to your existing domain, content management system and hosting, as well as links to your social media and login details for existing analytics and webmaster tools to your web developer.

2. How long will the project take?

Website development can take anywhere from one week to 3 months from start to finish depending on various factors. Recognizing how long the creative process takes is extremely important. By ensuring you understand all phases – from pre-development to post-launch, you’ll know what’s required from you and when.

3. What other services are offered?

LaunchWeb is a full-service agency which means that we offer everything from graphic design to copywriting, SEO to managed hosting. Making a list of everything you are looking for will help you decide on the best fit for your needs, but going with a full-service agency will ensure you have all your bases covered if you add something to.

4. How much will it cost?

The short answer: it depends. The cost is largely determined by the work and functionality the website requires. At LaunchWeb, our quotes are tailored specifically to each client. Your website quote will be completely itemised so that you can see exactly how your money is being spent. We try to be as transparent as possible.

5. Will training be included?

We realise that for business owners, understanding your website and how it works is essential. LaunchWeb offers various packages aimed at teaching the website owner how to use and manage their website post-launch. Get in touch with us for more information on our WordPress coaching!

6. Will I have full ownership of my website?

Yes. On launch day, we hand over the keys to the castle, but that’s not to say we disappear! We offer 30 days free maintenance after handover, ensuring that if any kinks arise, they’re smoothed out in no time!


With these 6 questions, we feel that any business owner looking to develop a website will have a better idea of what they’re getting into. A reputable web development agency with any amount of experience should be able to answer these questions, as well as anticipate any unanswered questions. Understanding the needs of both business owner and web developer can only result in a successful, affordable website!

Interested in developing a website for your business? Then we’re the guys to talk to! Get in touch with us and we’ll send you a custom quote in 24 hours!



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