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Blog SEO Tips: 2019 Guide to SEO for Blog articles!

Blog SEO Tips: 2019 Guide to SEO for Blog articles!

This is a comprehensive guide to blog SEO tips, updated for 2019. In this article, you will learn how to easily optimise your blogs for search engines using a simple checklist. If you want to your blog articles to dominate search engines and...

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Website Maintenance Services and Why You Need Them

Website Maintenance Services and Why You Need Them

We can all agree that there is nothing worse than coming across a website with a bunch of outdated information on it. Not only is it inconvenient for your potential client, but it shows a general lack of website maintenance. Finding a company that provides website maintenance services will ensure your website is kept safe, secure and will prevent you from ever having to suffer the embarrassment of having outdated information on your website again.

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Lead Generation: 5 Things All Successful Websites Do

Lead Generation: 5 Things All Successful Websites Do

What do you want from your website? You will probably say “Leads”, followed by a sarcastic “Duh…” whispered under your breath. Unless you are a large Corporation like Microsoft or Coca-Cola, the main function of your website should be lead generation. But how sure are...

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5 Web Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2018

5 Web Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2018

A study (Local Consumer Review Survey) done in 2012 showed that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses or services. It’s probably closer to 95% today in 2015. To put this simply, that means 95 out of 100 of your potential customers are going onto Google and looking for your service. The question is – can people find your website?

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The fastest way to get “ready to buy” customers to your website.

ROI-driven lead generation.

Most digital marketing companies are so obsessed with clicks, shares, CTR, CPC and several other acronyms that they forget to see the bigger picture – is the marketing strategy resulting in sales?

On the other hand, we are obsessed with ROI. Generating leads and customers is what we do. Using our proprietary approach, we will create a strategy that turns clicks, shares, CTR, CPC and all those other things, into paying customers!

Choose your weapon…

Google Ads.

Instant website traffic & leads.

Google Ads are the fastest and most affordable way to start generating leads. But it can be expensive if you do not have a strategy. We perform rigorous keyword,  competitor and market research to ensure we are targetting those “ready to buy” customers.

Facebook Ads.

Highly targeted campaigns.

Facebook is for more than just socialising – Facebook Ads offers the biggest ROI when it comes to lead generation. With our proven strategies we can create highly targeted campaigns that result in a boatload of leads and brand awareness.

LinkedIn Ads.

B2B lead generation at it’s best.

Traditionally B2B marketing involved cold calls and emails. LinkedIn Ads changed the game allowing you to target the decision makers in a company with adverts. LinkedIn is a bit more costly than Facebook or Google, but the results are worth it. 

Results don’t happen by accident.

3 steps to more customers.

The online marketing landscape has changed and so has the buyer journey. Marketing tactics that worked 5 years ago aren’t working now. If you really want to dominate your competition then you need a holistic marketing strategy that goes beyond the traditional marketing funnel. You need the advantage we offer.


Research & Strategy

First, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your business, services, competitors and the market. Next, we look at the latest keywords data and trends. From this, we can identify the best lead generation tool for you, as well as opportunities that will get immediate results. 


Keyword research


Competitor analysis


Trends & forecasts


Execute & Test

From conventional Google adverts to Facebook video adverts, our designers and copywriters work together to create hard-selling adverts that drive people to a clever landing page. We are continuously testing images and copy to find a formula that works for you.


Landing pages


AB split testing


Measure & Optimise

Based on the data we collect from the testing we are able to constantly tweak and improve your paid advertising campaigns for maximum ROI. We don’t change anything unless we are certain it will achieve better results.


Comprehensive reports


Weekly optimisations


ROI reporting

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