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December 7, 2022

Choosing a Web Design Agency That’s Right for You

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Whether you want to build a new website or revamp your current one, finding the right web design agency is crucial in attracting potential clients and helping your business succeed. With the multitude of options that you see online, however, choosing a web design agency can be challenging and overwhelming. To help make the process easier for you and ensure you’re investing wisely, we’ve listed the things to look for in an agency, so keep scrolling.

Portfolios and Case Studies

Portfolios help tell you whether you and the web design agency are a match. Fortunately, professional web designers usually include a portfolio of their previous projects on their official websites. Check them out and see whether their work satisfies your needs and preferences. You might just see some approaches or concepts that you find interesting, creative, or effective. Go through the names of the businesses featured on their website as you might recognise some of them.

Then, browse through the websites of the agency’s previous clients. Are they user-friendly? Compare the different sites of their clients, too, because if they all look very similar, then expect to get the same site. With an impressive web designer, your site will be built based on your individual brand’s needs and voice.

It’s also a good idea to check if the agency has any case studies. Find out whether the solutions they provide to their clients meet your expectations. Several web design agencies share facts and figures to emphasize how their work has helped their clients’ businesses succeed. For example, the web design has helped them increase the site’s load time, ramp up the client’s number of visitors, achieve lower bounce rates, and even enjoy higher revenue.

Previous Clients’ Reviews

One of the top deciding factors when choosing a web design agency in Johannesburg, South Africa, is previous clients’ testimonials and reviews online. Find out whether they were elated or disappointed with the results.

Then, see if they were satisfied with the level of customer service provided during the project. Don’t just rely on the reviews published on the web design agency’s website as they can be easily crafted. Rather, check out reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other channels.

It’s also important to research the names of the agency’s clients. You’ll want to verify if they’re legitimate businesses. Navigate their websites to see if they indeed provide a great user experience.


Before deciding to work with a particular web design agency in Johannesburg, you’ll want to see if the rates are within your budget. Some agencies offer various package pricing options. Know what’s included and what’s not. Then, ask how or how much you’ll have to pay for other fees and services not included in the project estimate.

You might tend to choose the agency that gives the lowest pricing possible. However, you should compare the value of these web design services. Make sure you’re not compromising quality while looking for an affordable option.

Tell the agency about your website requirements, and request a quote. If they immediately give a price without knowing the specifics or they’re not willing to explain the details behind their offerings, then consider it a bad sign.

Meanwhile, some web designers will suggest scaling back the project and other options to come up with a more doable price point. Thus, look for a web design agency that’s transparent, flexible, and accommodating.


To ensure you’re getting top-quality work, look for the agency’s web design guarantee. Some will highlight that they’ll ensure you’re satisfied with the output and that they’ll deliver exactly what you’ve requested and expected. This guarantee may also include responding to your concerns promptly and addressing any potential bugs or issues that will occur in the first three months. They’ll also stick to the prices without hidden fees, except for additional features that are not included in what was initially agreed.

Moreover, check if the agency offers a money-back guarantee. Others may provide a refund should they fail to deliver what was promised or if you find major flaws in the website they designed. Read the refund policies to know your options.

Agency Culture

When looking for a web design agency in Johannesburg, South Africa, you’ll want one that’s easy to work with and matches your own business values and personality. Thus, find out about the agency’s culture by browsing their social media profiles. You might just realise how welcoming and dedicated the people are based on the funny photos and engaging videos they share on their socials.

Then, check if the agency highlights the talent and expertise of its team. See if they’re also active in helping the community. These things will help you get an idea of their company culture. While you ask your queries, observe whether they’re open to your ideas or they treat your project as if it’s their own. Working with a web design agency that suits your organization and personality is one key to creating a successful website

Tools Used

When choosing a web design agency that’s perfect for your needs, you’ll want to find out what tools they’re using to build or develop your website. These include CMS platforms and coding technologies. Like other products in marketing, web design tools need end-to-end experience. Thus, it’s important to know what strategies and tools the agency is using to design your site. For instance, if you’re looking for an SEO agency, they should be familiar with Google search console, Answer The Public, SEMrush, and other tools.

When you need them to generate content, the agency should be using Copyspace, Prowiring, Grammarly, and other similar tools. Find out how they’ll keep you updated with the project’s progress too, such as through Trello, Zoom, Google Hangout, and other channels. While you might consider these details irrelevant, they’ll come in handy when you start working with the web design agency.

Final Thoughts

While it’s tricky to choose the right web design agency for you, you can find the one that suits your needs and preferences by looking at their portfolios, guarantees, rates, online reviews, tools, and agency culture. Work with an agency that’s transparent, reliable, and true to its word, and you can expect excellent results from your website design.

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