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March 29, 2023

How To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error in WordPress

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There are plenty of times when you encounter various errors during website maintenance or internet browsing. If you are a WordPress user, there’s a chance that you have experienced some errors in your time using the platform. If you are looking for steps on how to fix the “your connection is not private” error WordPress, then you’ve come to the right place.

Solving this error may require some troubleshooting, but you can do it yourself. This guide aims to define what this error is, how to fix it, and ways you can prevent this error from happening again as a website owner.

What Is the “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error?

This error is displayed on websites that utilize HTTP and SSL protocols when the browser fails to authenticate the SSL certificate from the website. Basically, this means an error occurred with the SSL certificate of the site you wish to visit. It can also mean that the site has no SSL at all.

Every website with SSL protocol sends a secured certificate to the end user’s browser when visiting the site. The user’s browser authenticates the sent certificate using the key that goes along with the certificate. If everything checks out, the browser’s encryption process proceeds, and the transfer of data between the site and the user’s browser is secured.

If the browser fails to authenticate the SSL certificate, it will not transfer the data safely, and the “Your Connection Is Not Private” error will appear. The validation of SSL certificates is a measure to ensure browsing security, especially on e-commerce websites. This SSL error is typical and happens in most browsers including Microsoft edge and Mozilla firefox with slightly varying messages. This type of error is usually caused by an expired certificate.

How To Fix Your Connection Is Not Private Error

Before proceeding, it’s essential to note that solving this error comes from two perspectives — the visitor and the website owner. This guide will discuss the troubleshooting steps for business and website owners encountering this WordPress error.

Most IT experts in Johannesburg may deduce that the error may be due to your server or website. If you encounter this message, the best course of action would be to act quickly and solve the possible issues with the SSL certificate. Below, you will find tips and ways how you can fix this error.

Secure an SSL Certificate

Your first order of business is to check if your website has an SSL certificate. If you haven’t received it yet, it would be best to get one from SSL providers in South Africa. You need an SSL certificate to load HTTP safely. Otherwise, you’ll get the “Your connection is not private” error.

Depending on your hosting plan, some web hosting services will provide and set up one free of charge. Check your hosting plan and see if an SSL certificate is already included. If you find that you already have one, you can go to the control panel to set it up. Note that you may need to see the manual on installing your hosting plan’s SSL certificate.

Configure Your WordPress or Use an SSL Plugin

Once you’ve installed the SSL certificate, you can go to your WordPress website and set up the configurations to load over an HTTPS connection. You can edit the “.htaccess” file in WordPress or use a plugin for SSL.

WordPress SSL plugins can help you identify if your site already has an SSL certificate. After installing the plugin, all you need to do is go to Settings and click SSL. An option for SSL activation will appear. Click on Activate, and you are good to go.

Check the Expiration of Your Website’s SSL Certificate

If you already have an SSL certificate, the first thing to do is to check if it’s still valid. There are occasions when you need to renew your SSL certificate manually. It’s also common for some SSL certificates to expire after three months — hence the need for a regular renewal.

Checking if your SSL certificate is not yet expired is very simple. For an SSL certificate provided by a web hosting service, you can check its validity and other pertinent information through the hosting service’s control panel. Here are the steps to check your SSL certificate through the control panel:

  1. Access the control panel and log in to your account.
  2. Go to Security, then click on SSL/TLS.
  3. Select the option to view your SSL certificate on the next screen. You will also have the opportunity to check other certificates installed on the server.

You should now see an SSL certificate on the list. The validity of each certificate is also indicated and can be reviewed. If you find that your SSL’s validity date has already passed, you will need to renew it as soon as possible.

Renew Expired SSL Certificate

The process of renewing an expired SSL certificate does not require a tremendous amount of effort. Some SSL has an auto-renew feature, which is very useful in certificate renewal. If this feature is enabled, your site visitors probably won’t encounter connection privacy errors.

However, most SSL certificates need to be renewed manually. You have to ensure that you don’t forget to renew it before it expires and causes errors to your website.

What To Do To Prevent the “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error

The best way to avoid this error from happening again is to make sure that you have a valid SSL certificate. If your website has an SSL certificate and is active, visitors shouldn’t experience this type of error. Make sure you renew your certificate well before the expiration date if the auto-renew option is not available.


Hopefully, you have fixed the “Your connection is not private” error with the tips listed in this guide. However, it’s best to have your website supported by professionals to avoid disruptions to your business.

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