The Dog Father

Google Ads Case Study

How we tripled bookings & achieved a 685% ROI for The Dog Father

The Client

The Dog Father

The Dog Father is a mobile dog grooming company in Johannesburg.

They were managing their Google Ads on their own, and not getting any results from it. As a small business, that was quite frankly struggling, they could not afford to be throwing money into Google Ads without the guarantee of bookings coming from it.

Arthur approached us in June 2019 and asked to help them generate more bookings online.

We said “when can we start?”…

The Magic

What We Did


Full audit

First, we completed a full Google Ads audit, with keyword research and competitor analysis. During this phase we discovered several errors that were made when setting up the campaing, which were leading to thousands of Rands doing down the drain.


Landing page design

Arthur was committing a cardinal sin when it comes to Google Ads, which was: sending people to his home page. So we built a high-converting landing page for him complete with a custom above-the-fold booking form.


Tracking & conversion goals

The Dog Father had no tracking or goals set up on their website or Google Ads platform. Conversion goals are extremely important as they provide Google Ads with feedback as to whether the ads are working or not.


Keyword targeting

Finally, once we laid the proper foundation, we identified their most profitable keywords and reduced wasted ad spend by adding over 700 negative keywords.

The Results

After making these changes, we increased their bookings by 181% within only 2 months.

Since then their account has continued to perform. Over the last 8 months, we have generated 1658 bookings for them – that’s almost 8 bookings a day!

The Dog Father has just invested in a third mobile dog grooming van thanks to this return on their marketing spend.


Increase in bookings in only 2 months


Return on investment

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