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Web Design Pricing

Our Guide To Website Pricing & Budgets

Perhaps you have a budget in mind or maybe you have no idea what a website costs and want to find out. Either way this web design pricing guide* will answer all your questions around website costs.

*This guide is intended to educate you on how we price our websites, and what you can expect for your budget. Other developers will have their own unique pricing models.

A quick word on web design prices in South Africa

Before we jump into the heavy stuff, let us briefly talk about the general landscape out there when it comes to web design pricing and what you can expect.


There is no "web designers guild"

Plumbers have IOPSA, copywriters have The Writers Guild, but unfortunately there is no regulating body for web designers.

There is no regulation of services, quality or prices. There is no industry standard “web design cost”, it varies from developer to developer. Even this guide is based on we charge for websites.

People will charge what they want to charge

With no price regulation, web designers are free to make up their own prices on websites.

The more reputable developers & agencies (like Launch Digital, ahem) will base their prices on a costing model that considers everything from experience to staff and overheads.

The truth is that many developers are themselves unsure of what to charge, and they will read articles like this one to get an idea.

Cheap doesn't mean bad & expensive doesn't mean good

Considering the above, basing your decision on price alone is dangerous – purely because that price could have been completely thumbsucked.

So, what you should base your decision on is experience, track-record, expertise and the value that you are getting.

So whoever you choose, make sure that their price matches up to the value they are are offering.


What factors affect website pricing?

When building a website (regardless of who is building it) there are 4 main factors that affect the cost:

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Content
  • Size

At Launch Digital, this is the order of importance. But other designers might think size is more important than functionality for example.



Do you need a simple information website, or do you need an eCommerce website? Do you want a landing page, or a complete website with blog?

What you want your website to do, will be the first thing that affects the price. Developing complex functionalities take time, and will therefore affect the cost.


You can choose an “out-of-the-box” design (a.k.a. template) which is the default choice for most developers. Or you can have custom design created specifically for your brand.

Templates are mass produced for the public & therefore cheaper. Custom designs take time & expertise to create, therefore they are more costly.

A good website is a website that stands out from the competitors – something that is hard to achieve when everyone is using templates.



Supplying your own text & images in the right format will reduce the cost of your site. However, if you need a designer to create custom graphics, or a copywriter to write catchy headlines then you will pay more.

Having creative experts design your website and write your copy is ideal, because you can be sure that your website will be impressive.


It goes without saying that the more pages, categories or products you have the more your website will cost. Most web developers will include a certain amount of pages in their base website package, and anything over that pushes the price up.

Other factors to consider (and yes they matter)

When selecting a web design company or freelancer, the not-so-obvious things that will affect the cost of your website are:

  • Overheads
  • Experience
  • Expertise

Again, these things vary from web designer to web designer, but they will invariably factor into the price.


When you bought your iPhone or Samsung, you didn’t just pay for the phone – you paid for the work that went into marketing, shipping & manufacturing of the phone.

The same goes for websites, you are also paying for the “cost” that was involved in building your website. This includes electricity, internet, phone calls and even cups of coffee! The more overheads, the more the website will cost.



An agency that has been developing professional websites for 20 years will (and should) charge more than freelancers with a year of experience.

Experienced web designers will give you better advice and guidance because they have been there and bought the t-shirt. At the end of the day you will get a more superior product.


Having experience does not make you an expert.

Experience means you have done something a lot. Expertise means you have done something a lot, and you do it well.

Website experts are people who have dedicated themselves to designing and building websites. It’s not just something they do “when they have got a moment”.

You will pay top rates for website experts – because they know the value they can offer you is more than just a pretty website. It’s a website that can turn casual browsers into buyers.

Enough chit-chat, what can I get for my budget?

You probably have an idea of what you can or want to spend on a website. The purpose of this guide is to align that idea with a realistic expectation.

Many agencies have a unflexible project costs that make it very hard for businesses with limited budgets to get a professional website. We understand that website budgets come in all shapes and sizes, therefore we have a website solution for all of them:

Less than R5000 ~ WordPress Installation + Theme Set Up

We will install WordPress on your domain (website hosting is required) and we will install a premium WordPress theme (template) for you. You will be able to customise this template with your business information.

R5000 – R20 000 ~ Template Website

Choose from a wide selection of premium, professional & modern WordPress website templates. We will customise this template to suit you business brand, and marketing objectives. The responsibility falls on you to give us all the content (images, text, products etc.) and we will make sure it goes in the right place.

R20 000 – R40 000 ~ Semi-custom Website Design

Want a website to stand out from your competitors? Here we design a completely unique website, built on a “base template” that we customise specifically for your brand. We also create custom graphics as well as write powerful marketing copy. This is the most popular choice for businesses who need a professional website revamp.

R40 000 – R100 000 ~ Custom Website Design

Custom websites are aimed at large businesses that require a completely bespoke website with advanced integrations into their sales, marekting or management systems. No templates are used at all, these websites are coded line-by-line to create a fast, powerful and very unique website.

More than R100 000 ~ Custom Website or App Development

Chances are that if this is your budget, your website needs to be more than a website. You require a highly bespoke and customised website or app solution that solves a specific problem for your business.

Regardless of what your budget is, we will ensure that your website mobile responsive, search engine optimised and linked with Google Analytics.

How does Launch stack up against other companies?

Investing with Launch means you can be assured that your website not only looks great, but it has the strategy to back it up with.

Website Discovery Session

Dedicated Team of Specialists

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Money-back Guarantee


Who sacrifice quality for budget.

Traditional Marketing Companies


Our promise to you.

We get it, this is a big investment decision for your business so you want be sure you are making the right decision. Our guarantees are here to give you the peace of mind literally no other web design company in South Africa can give you.

web design & digital marketing agency

We are so confident that no other company in South Africa can offer the same value at the same price that we will match any verified quote which does.

web design & digital marketing agency

If your new website does not beat the performance of your old website within 90 days, we will refund you 100% of your money back.

web design & digital marketing agency

We build our websites to last. If ever you have any issues related to the work we did, just give us a call and we will sort it out no problem.

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