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September 14, 2022

How To Get More Sales This Holiday Season

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No matter where you are in the world, the holiday season is a great time to boost sales. People are ready to spend, and businesses can ramp up their game to capture leads. An advantage for South Africa is that its high season runs from November to February. More visitors to the country means more potential leads and customers. But how do you lure them in and turn them into customers? With web design in Johannesburg.

Web design optimisation is key to increasing web traffic and sales this holiday season. It’s vital regardless of the time of the year, but most especially during the season of giving. If you’re based in the heart of South Africa, your web design Johannesburg is an important factor for success. You need a website that resonates with your target audience and reminds them that it’s time to shop.

Here are a few of the most important tips when designing or redesigning a website that’s ready for the holiday season:

Mobile Site and Speed Optimisation

South Africa had 41.19 million active internet users in January 2022, and 78.6% of the population accessed the internet through mobile devices. The numbers say that even if you have a website that looks great on a desktop, you’ll reach fewer numbers if the mobile version is lacking.

Ensure that your web design works on all devices for optimal results. Target even internet users who use tablets! If you can’t create a responsive web design for all devices, at least have a mobile version to cater to your audience.

In addition, site speed plays an important role. People don’t have time to wait for web pages that take too long to load. Optimise your images, use web-friendly fonts, and collaborate with web hosting providers to ensure fast-loading web pages.

Clear CTAs

When web visitors land on your page, they should know what to do or click. Clear CTAs also help create an easy web navigation experience, allowing web visitors to go from landing page to landing page without too much hassle. Use straightforward phrases such as “Order Now” or “Buy Now.” CTAs should be obvious, so web visitors will know which actions to take next. If you know what you want them to do, don’t make them guess! Say it clearly in your web design.

Easy Check-Out Options

The holiday season also means the hustle and bustle. If your audience doesn’t have time to wait for websites that load too slowly, they also don’t have time to go through complicated check-out processes. You want them to find what they need and purchase it in no time!

Your web design should have a straightforward check-out process. Provide multiple payment options and quick redirects to the success page after purchase. The more options you provide, the more customers you can cater.

Only have a few steps divided between the shopping cart and check-out page. If customers have to go through too many web pages and forms, they may abandon the purchase. Success pages should also be clear, with information about their purchases and what to expect next. Make it such that your web design encourages people to buy instead of scaring them off.

The Colour Red in Web Design

Not only does red look festive and inviting, but it also adds warmth to web pages. It’s undeniably the holiday season’s colour! Red is also associated with urgency, so web designs that use this colour tend to be more effective in terms of conversions.

Use the colour red sparingly and creatively, such as web buttons and call-to-action phrases. Consider how it blends with your brand identity and web design, too! You don’t have to go overboard, but its presence is a must-have.

Holiday Season Designs

The web design of your holiday season web page should also incorporate elements that remind your web visitors of the occasion. You can use cards, banners, and web buttons that look like Christmas ornaments. Web design templates are available online, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Ensure your web design elements are relevant to your products and services. Don’t be festive just for the sake of being festive. The web design should excite visitors to explore what you have in store! You can include web animations like snowing web pages or web snowmen. Don’t hesitate to use emojis, too! Holiday season emojis like gifts, Christmas trees, and shopping carts will surely add charm to your web page.

Holiday Season Video

As shared by the Social Shepherd, 86% of professional marketers said videos helped boost website traffic. While the holiday season is busy and people don’t have much time to read web page content, having a holiday season video can help capture web visitors’ attention.

Use a video to inform web visitors of the deals you offer, web discounts, or web-only offers. Videos also help them learn more about your products and services faster! Show them why they should trust your brand and why it’s time to shop with you. However, web videos shouldn’t auto-play. Whether you add holiday music or videos on your website to make it feel joyous, let web visitors decide if they want to play them or not.

Tis the Season To Convert Leads to Customers!

Imagine how many visitors there are in South Africa during the holiday season. It’ll also be summertime in Joburg, so your business will have to compete with the great outdoors. See it as the perfect time to use web design to your advantage and turn web visitors into customers!

eCommerce web design in Johannesburg is vital, especially when the city is brimming with web visitors. Expect the numbers to peak during the holiday season because it’s also the shopping season for many. Don’t fall behind and have web design elements that will keep them loyal and eager to return.

Your web design should have all the necessary information, be easy to use, and have a festive atmosphere. Everyone has been waiting for this season all year round, so don’t let your potential customers down. Happy holidays!

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