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It’s time to ditch the marketing companies who cover up poor performance with long-winded reports & statistics. You should be partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency whose only measure of success is your return on investment. Traffic, clicks, reach, likes, shares and all that other stuff means nothing if your marketing isn’t generating sales.

Your marketing should be doing better

Poor lead generation getting the best of you?

We know why you are here, we’ve done our research. You aren’t getting the leads and sales you need to grow your company. Leads are trickling in, sales are slow and you are surrounded by people shrugging their shoulders. Something is wrong, you can’t put your finger on it, and neither can your marketing company.

You don’t have time to run your company and the marketing. You don’t have the time to figure out why you aren’t getting new clients. You just want a return on your marketing investment.

If your current digital marketing agency, or marketing manager, is not actively getting you a return on your marketing and advertising spend, then it’s time to move on.

Better quality of visitors, more leads, and consistent sales

Get a digital marketing system that stacks the odds in your favour

The online marketing landscape has changed and so has the buyer journey. Marketing tactics that worked 5 years ago aren’t working now. If you really want to dominate your competition then you need a holistic marketing strategy that goes beyond the traditional marketing funnel. You need the advantage we offer.


We drive qualified traffic to your website through targeted organic and paid methods.

Content Marketing

Online Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation


Conversion optimised websites and landing pages turn visitors into leads and customers.

Web Design & Development

Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Visitors that slip through get re-targeted with relevant banners that follow them around the internet.

Online Advertising


Finally, we create effective email marketing and sales automations that nurture leads into customers.

Sales Automation

Marketing Automation

Strategy without tactics is the noise before defeat!

Why most digital marketing companies fail to deliver

You’ve probably been in countless meetings where your marketing agency or manager has shown you how all the stats are on the up – more traffic than last month, more clicks, likes and shares. Yet you sit there thinking “but, where are the sales?”.

Most digital marketing companies focus on “tactics” only. They are so obsessed with techniques and methods that they forget to see the bigger picture. Clicks, traffic, CTR, shares and like are great – but are they converting into sales?

On the other hand, we are obsessed with generating leads and customers. That’s the goal, the bigger picture. We will use only the tactics that will do this. It’s the strategy that turns traffic and clicks into paying customers.

Every R1 you spend on marketing should generate at least R2

You need peace of mind that your marketing is generating customers

Imagine waking up to an inbox full of enquiries. Imagine getting R100 back for every R10 you spend on your advertising. It’s not impossible, you have just been working with the wrong people.

Almost Instant Results

Our unique online marketing system will start producing leads almost immeadiately after it’s implemented.

Consistent Lead Generation

Not only will we produce instant leads, but we will set up a marketing system that produces consistent leads and sales every month.

Strategy AND Tactics

Tactics without a strategy is a recipe for bang average marketing. Our main focus is generating new customers for you with a powerful long-term marketing strategy.

Practically Guaranteed ROI

Return on Investment is our North star – it guides and steers all of our efforts. If something is not producing ROI, we pivot and change until it does.

Get your FREE digital marketing strategy session worth R9700

Here’s how this goes: We’ll call you to discuss your business current marketing efforts. From there we’ll do some research into your industry and competitors to identify areas that can be exploited immediately. Then based on our findings, you will get a completely customised digital marketing strategy that, if implemented correctly, will generate customers.

We just want to be clear, this is not a sales call and you won’t be given a ‘proposal’. You will be contacted by a Digital Strategist, who will give you an actionable marketing strategy.

There is no catch here. A core belief at Launch Digital, and the reason for our success and that of our clients’ is Exchange in Abundance. It means giving more than what is expected. We are confident that you will be so blown away by the quality of this free marketing strategy that you will want to become a client.

Another thing, we recommend you book quickly since we only take on a limited number of digital marekting sessions per month. Putting together this strategy is time consuming work, hence we can only do a couple per month.

What We Do

We build and implement marketing strategies that generate leads and sales for our clients. Our main focus is creating a system that consistently generates a return on investment.

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